Our Story

Created by Andy Lawrence

Andy has been designing and making jewellery for over 22 years and he has always been fascinated with structure and how things are put together. It has been his passion, from a young age, to work out how things are assembled perfectly.

Andy has always lived in Kent, and has spent his career working in both London and Kent. Originally, it was his ambition to become an architect. On the way to his interview at the Kent Institute of Art and Design, he passed through the jewellery department and became fascinated and intrigued by what he saw. There, he’d been drawn towards the Btec Design and BA (Hons) jewellery illustrations adorning the walls, as well as the jewellery workshops, benches, machinery and even tools that were made by students themselves.  Andy realised that this had to be his chosen career and craft. It was that 3 minute walk, in 1996, that paved his journey in life from that moment on. There, he studied for his BTEC in Design and his BA (Hons) in Silversmithing, Goldsmithing and Jewellery Design. Throughout the years, Andy has won various awards for his designs, making and pieces.

At University, Andy started his studies with contemporary design and jewellery making. Working in London, he gained experience and perfected classical techniques and processes, and honed his passion and love for this ancient craft. His motivation is to make beautiful, well-made and timeless classical pieces of jewellery, to last generations.

It had always been Andy’s ambition to launch and establish his own handmade jewellers in Kent.

Reflecting You

Andy knows that every piece should reflect your personality, to produce the most personal and perfect piece of jewellery for you.

All of our jewellery is designed beside you and handmade from scratch, here in our studio. Every ring is made with love, care, precision and a strict eye for detail; and every piece means something different to all our customers.

Andy uses many traditional crafting techniques to bring his designs to life. Precision, technique and balance are at the heart of all Lawley pieces. Our aim is to produce jewellery to be treasured and loved by you, and for generations to come.

Lawley Pieces

Lawley Fine Jewellers is a family run business.

Every distinctive Lawley piece has the backbone of 22 years of development. Andy has long built up and mastered many skills over the years, including stone setting, polishing and pattern engraving. He is also a very accomplished goldsmith, specialising in platinum.

Years ago, it would have been easy for grandparents to find someone to make their family heirloom, but nowadays there are only a handful of people that can hand make items with this much love. Here at Lawley, you won’t find any bought in pieces made by someone else.  All Lawley pieces are designed and made here in the studio.