Mokume Gane

Wood grain metal

Mokume Gane at Lawley

At Lawley Fine Jewellers, we also specialise in Mokume Gane Jewellery. This is a Japanese metalwork technique, resulting in a beautiful one-of-a-kind wood grain effect. Mokume Gane jewellery is made from billets; a large number of precious metal sheets layered together in different orders of colour and shade.

Here at Lawley, we use our own unique hybrid developed method. For some of our combinations, we use a mixture of solid state bonding and a liquid phase fusion process. All of our combinations use a solder free process during the making of the billet and the strips for rings.

We can use a variety of colour combinations to get your desired look. The golds we use are 9ct (375) white gold and 18ct (750) gold in all colours ( yellow, red, rose and white). Other golds are 22ct and fine gold (yellows). We also work with silver, palladium 500 (dark grey), palladium 950 (white/grey) and platinum 950.

After seeing Mokume Gane wedding rings being made over the years, it gave insight on how to perfect methods and eradicate common problems in the process, such as splitting at various stages. We’re confident that our Mokume Gane rings are the strongest and most competitively priced, with wedding bands starting at just £550.

At Lawley, we’ve also developed a process of creating a perfect flat sheet from your own precious gold or platinum, allowing it to be used within the billet of Mokume Gane, along with the other necessary sheets. When using your sentimental gold and platinum, we make a smaller billet that is only for you. We believe we’re the first jewellers to offer this as a Mokume Gane service. This is mainly due to our unique process of forming, that we can integrate your metal.

You can fully appreciate the unique Mokume Gane effect when you visit us, as photos are no comparison to holding and inspecting the look for yourself.

We love the opportunity to use this material in our designs, to give you a truly unique piece of jewellery, that’s a talking point for years to come.

Mokume Gane in Kent

From £550

Mokume Gane Pendants

From £415

Etched Mokume

These rings have been acid etched. The acid eats away at the silver. This extra eaten away metal gives more depth and adds another dimension to our Mokume Gane range. This method can only be done on combinations that include silver.