Mokume Gane woodgrain.

Mokume Gane woodgrain.

For anyone who has only just seen Mokume Gane for the first time, It’s a close Japanese translation of woodgrain metal. It’s most often used for jewellery in our present day. Most Mokume for jewellery starts it’s life as 25-26 fine flat sheets of precious metals.


Crafts people have different ways of fusing all of the precious metals together.
Like us, most people keep it a guarded secret, to their exact method. Like a secret family recipe.
The way to fuse any precious metal sheets together for Mokume Gane, is by a mixture of heat and pressure. You can fuse with lots of heat and some pressure, or the more pressure you use, the lesser amount of heat is needed. Everyone’s method lays within this basic spectrum. We know our recipe works and also know that your ring will last.

Metal woodgrain

When making the billet of Mokume, you are laying each metal sheet on top of the next. When the billet has been fused, you may be able to imagine that if cut in half from any side starting point, the inside result is only going to be lots of straight lines.
In order to create the famous woodgrain, the billets need to be worked on in one or more methods. Twisting techniques with re-forging creates a very subtle linear effect with filed. Top cutting, burring, and filing before re-forging, creates a knotted wood effect. Our favourite is always a natural wooden look, which is accomplished with a mixture of the above techniques.

Metals in Mokume Gane

We only use precious metals for our Mokume Gane. We use two or more of the following; Silver, 9 carat white gold. Yellow, white, red and rose 18 carat gold, palladium 500 (dark grey), palladium 950 (grey/white) and platinum. Sometimes we use fine gold or 22 carat gold if it suits the rest of the billet combination.
We never use any form of steel for many reasons, but mainly due to re-sizing issues. We also won’t use copper in any combination, because even sweat from the skin and skin products corrode the copper down.

Any questions about Mokume Gane?
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Mokume Gane

Rose gold 18 carat and platinum ring with certified E SI1, 0.23ct diamond.


Price from £780