Stone Sets

We have a few selected sets of gemstones which will be the start of a new bespoke design. A price has been included for the stones in the photos. Gemstones come in many sizes. All the stone sets here are available in larger and smaller versions.

diamond and ruby marquise cluster

1.00ct diamond with marquise shape diamond and ruby outer stones.

Total stone weight is 

£6858 stones only

Price from £2267 **

diamond and ruby cluster

0.50ct diamond with square ruby outer stones.

Total stone weight is


Price from £1545 **

emerald & diamond three stone

0.61 ct oval emerald with princess cut diamond shoulder stones.

Total stone weight is


Price from £772 **

Diamond cluster

1.00ct diamond centre stone with outer halo diamonds.

Total stone weight is  


Price from £730**

* Price from reflects on variable metal and stone prices, but mainly using a smaller stone set or individual stone in combination with other metal options.

** Price from is based on using smaller or lighter versions of same stone type to create the same formation and pattern.