Handmade Jewellers in Kent
Andy Lawrence in the studio

Handmade Jewellers in Kent

At the very start, and the heart of what we do, is YOU. We love creating jewellery and feel so privileged to be part of someone’s unique and very special journey.

So…we thought it was time to share with the world, not only our creations, but our thoughts, discoveries, and some hints and tips for you.

Our blogs will be shared regularly on our website, on Twitter, and a link to each one on Facebook. We’ll be covering a range of different meaningful topics; from how to choose the perfect ring, different styles of ring, ideas for proposals and information about stones and precious metals.

We’re also keen to hear your ideas too…so, if there’s a specific subject you would like us to cover, please do let us know.

Thank you.


The Lawley studio and some of the first pieces made by Andy Lawrence, over 20 years ago.