Most frequently asked questions and answers

From the moment a design has been selected and you’ve decided to buy a handmade piece of jewellery from us, it will take approximately 4 weeks. This depends on how busy we are but you will be told from the moment you place your deposit. Please bear in mind Christmas is a very busy time of year. To avoid disappointment, please contact us at your earliest convenience to arrange an appointment.  

We include a care sheet with any jewellery purchase from us, so you’ll always know the best way to look after your individual piece.

A handmade ring is made with love, care and attention to detail. This is what real handmade jewellery is; some jewellers will claim they make handmade jewellery, where in actual fact, it has been made from pre-bought components that have been assembled.

If it’s a ring that we have made for you, you can get in touch with us via email or phone to arrange an appointment.

It’s impossible to accurately quote for this without seeing the ring. Please call or email to arrange an appointment for an no obligation quote.

The quick answer is no. This is due to the way that the white alloy is made as it has a yellowish hint of colour, which is why it is rhodium plated so it looks a like whiter metal. This rhodium coating can wear off at different speeds, therefore if you want a white metal ring, it is better to get a naturally white alloy like platinum or a white gray tone alloy like palladium.

No. This is a common misconception. All gold in the ground is yellow.

A ring’s lifespan will always depend on lifestyle, activities and choices of the wearer, along with how well you look after a piece of jewellery. At Lawley Fine Jewellers every piece has been designed to last most modern lifestyles and always leaves the studio ready for a long life.

For an answer, please visit our blogs page.

Our normal methods of communication would be by telephone or by email, from info@lawleydesign.co.uk. Privacy and discretion at Lawley Fine Jewellers is of high priority, as we do not wish to spoil any surprises you have planned. If there is a preferable time or day of the week, please let us know and we will only contact with you during these given times.

The deposit required for any piece of jewellery depends on the final value. For example, any ring up to £3000, will require 25% deposit, £3000-£9000, will require 50% deposit, and £9000 upwards will be 60%.

There is no fixed ‘good’ or ‘bad’ amount to pay. Our blogs may  provide some insight.

In most cases, yes.

View our wedding and civil partnership bands to find out a bit more. There is a charge, which is much cheaper than anyone else offering this service.

We don’t have an option to create your engagement ring. But you will be encouraged to come and be a small part of the making. At no extra charge. 

Mokume Gane is a Japanese Technique meaning wood grain metal.

Visit our Mokume Gane page to find out more.

Yes of course. Our website pieces are naturally intended as show pieces for when you visit us, however, if a design has caught your eye, you are welcome to buy any piece you see from the gallery.

We do post to selected countries. Please email for more information.

Depending on the metals and types of alloy and the condition of the stone(s), this could be possible. Unlike some jewellers, we won’t charge any extra per hour on labour cost, just because we are not supplying the metal or stones.

Children are welcome to come along with you, however, please bear in mind that our studio is a working environment. If we know children are accompanying you to your appointment, we will make sure that chemicals are out of reach.

We operate from the Kent Science Park just outside Sittingbourne, which is a national centre for innovation. The site has 24 hour gated security, ensuring that all employees and visitors are in a safe and secure environment.

All visits are by appointment only. Everyone is welcome at our relaxed studio and you are never obligated to go ahead with a commission. You can contact us at info@lawleydesign.co.uk or on

017 95 85 95 19.

We specialise in rings, however, we enjoy making all pieces of jewellery.

Yes and you are free to use phones/tablets etc while you visit us.

Please appreciate that Christmas can be a very busy time of year. We’d appreciate as much time as possible to create the perfect gift for you.