Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Life is Rosy – The rise of Rose Gold

Unless you’ve been in hibernation over the last few years, you won’t have failed to notice the rise in popularity of rose gold. It started to feature in more jewellery pieces 5 years ago and since then, it’s hit the retail industry by storm. From phones to cosmetics, clothes and accessories, we ladies can’t get enough of the blushy hue. Life is indeed rosy and looks like it’s here to stay.

What is rose gold?
Rose gold consists mainly of fine gold, with a smaller amount of silver and copper, and it’s the latter that gives the metal it’s rosy tint. There are a variety of shades, from a red to a more subtle rose; achieved by adding a little more silver to the mix (in the trade, known as 3N, 4N or 5N.)

Why has rose gold become so popular?

Rose Gold has always been a popular choice in the jewellery market and has been around since the 19th century. Carl Faberge used this precious metal in one his infamous Faberge Eggs, putting rose gold, (or Russian Gold as it was originally known), well and truly on the map. The colour exudes prettiness, romance and femininity. The number of brides opting for the shade to adorn their bridesmaids, invites and theme colour at their weddings, has rocketed.

Is it hard-wearing?

In 18 carat, rose gold is indeed one of the harder wearing golds and will hold up to a modern lifestyle.

What gemstones best suit rose gold?

Aside from the obvious choice of diamonds, there are an array of colours that work well with rose gold. Our favourites are white diamonds, brown diamonds, green sapphires and emeralds. Emeralds and white diamonds, (in the right design), lean to a more traditional look (like our Classical Grace collection), whereas green sapphires and brown diamonds look better in a more simple modern design.

If you’d like any more information about rose gold, please do contact us and we’d be happy to help.

Rose Gold